the diet code - The da vinci baker's golden way to weight loss and Vibrant Health

Leonardo da Vinci devoted much of his life to exploring and using an ancient mathematical formula that’s come to be known as the Golden Ratio. Now master baker and Renaissance man, Stephen Lanzalotta, has applied those magic numbers to create The Diet Code, a simple formula that unlocks the secret to weight loss and vibrant good health. Guided by years of experience in cooking the code for others and following it himself, Lanzalotta looked to the Mediterranean and to Leonardo’s math to develop a plan that honors both the art and science of eating well. Forget fad diets – The Diet Code will show you an Old World perspective that requires you to eat for pleasure.

Eating The Diet Code way may not make you into a great painter, inventor, or architect, but by consciously recreating the quality, combinations, and proportions of foods Da Vinci naturally relied on, you can become leaner and stronger than you’ve ever been. Put these new proportions inside your body, and you’ll soon see new proportions outside. All you have to do is crack The Diet Code – We’ll show you how!

The art and science of eating well – Learn about Da Vinci’s simple, revolutionary ideas about eating for optimum health and enjoyment.

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Eating the right foods in the right proportions is the core of The Diet Code – start making better choices today, and you’ll nourish your body and your spirit.

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The Diet Code is all about selecting the freshest, seasonal foods and preparing them in the best way. Fast, easy recipes that you and your family will love.

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