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The Diet Code is flexible enough to accommodate everyone – different meal plans for Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Levels (see Following The Code - The Three Levels), meal plans for vegetarians, for vegans, or for people who love a good steak, wine, or dessert with their meals. Mix and match to suit your tastes, your family’s preferences, what’s in season, and the ingredients you already have in your pantry. It’s all about using simple techniques to prepare the right foods in the right proportions every time.

The sample menu included here will give you an idea of what a Diet Code day looks like – three meals, two snacks, and a whole lot of variety. Once you start following the Code, this sample menu and many more in the book will serve as a guide for menus you’ll create yourself – pull from your favorite meals in the book and throw in a few of your own to create your own daily plans for eating healthy, delicious, balanced meals The Diet Code way.

Sample Daily Menu



Whole grain porridge with yogurt or soy milk, sliced plums, honey, coriander and crushed hazelnuts
Lunch Deli-sliced imported sopressata salami in a whole wheat pita with tomato and onion slices, romaine, and champagne grapes
Snack Pear with pistachios
Supper Brodo Miso (Miso Broth*) with light miso and slivered red chilli Gamberi Brace alla Diavolo (Grilled Devil's Shrimp)*
Pantacce pasta
Warm green bean salad with artichoke hearts and Walnut White Wine Dressing*
Glass of white wine or beer
Dessert Budino* (Voluptuous dairy-free rum chocolate pudding)

Note that recipes are included in The Diet Code book for all items marked with the asterisk (*) .  We have intentionally not included portion sizes, as these will vary according to your target goal weight and level.  Portion sizes are detailed in the book tailored to your needs.

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