stocking the pantry

The best cooks know that every meal can be delicious, healthy, and visually appealing even with the simplest ingredients. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein rich lentils and beans, flavorful cheeses, and the best quality meat, poultry and fish form the basis of what you’ll be eating on The Diet Code program. This plan requires no gourmet foods or rare ingredients – you can get most of the staples you need at your local supermarket, or, better still, natural foods store – and you’ll learn how to always have just what you need to eat nutritious, well balanced meals for a lifetime.

A fully stocked kitchen for The Diet Code will include regular supplies of the fundamental foods, supplemented by a variety of artisanal and seasonal foods, and personal favorites. You can learn more about how to stock your pantry and make shopping trips quick and efficient in the book. If you’re pressed for time some weeks, there's even a top 20 list of items to keep on hand to meet basic nutritional needs and build blindingly quick Diet Code meal combinations.


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