Once you’ve stocked your kitchen with fundamental foods and fired up your stove…what’s for dinner? Cooking the Code is all about letting the natural flavors in your food come through – nothing complicated here. Using simple techniques and the best ingredients, you can enjoy your food knowing that you’re making positive changes in how you feel and how you look every time you sit down to the table.

In this section you can check out the sample meal plans and recipes to get a taste of Diet Code living. Starting with small, manageable changes, you’ll be on your way. And if you need a break now and then, that’s okay too. The Diet Code builds in a day off every week when you can eat whatever you want.

Now, it’s time to put all that you know about Leonardo and the Golden Ratio and how to follow the code into practice to make delicious, nutritious meals – Buon appetito! Let’s get cooking!

"[your cannoli are] better than Ferrara's!
 Molto Bene! Molto Grazie!"
-- Frank Serpico

In this Section

Stocking The Pantry
Cooking Techniques
Sample Menu
Sample Recipe



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