the three levels

The Diet Code program follows a unique learning curve that sets it apart from other diet programs just as distinctly as does its choice of foods and the way it combines them. The typical diet program sets you up for failure from the beginning simply because of the way it is structured. As with anything else, good design is crucial. And here once again, the best design is the one most in tune with human bodies and human ways of being. Human experience isn’t linear; it runs in a curve like the Egyptian hieroglyph for bread found in the Great Pyramid. The three-part program outlined in The Diet Code bends to fit just right.

Following the arced path of the classical trades, The Diet Code program is divided into three phases, Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. The initial phase, the Apprentice, is somewhat simplified to allow you to incorporate these strategies into your life in manageable increments. Like any fine craftsperson, you’re building something meant to last and that can’t be rushed. You need the right materials and the right tools – and you need to know how to use them both well. Focusing now on choosing the right foods in the right portions, and getting them into rough proportion, you’ll start shedding extra pounds right away.

You’ll refine and intensify your approach in the second phase, the Journeyman phase, increasing your results as you increase your precision. If the first phase didn’t bring you to your ideal weight (and it might well have), this one will. You’ll work with an eye to perfecting the details as you develop a real feel for your craft.

The third and final phase, the Master, marks your complete integration into this way of eating. You won’t be doing The Diet Code, you’ll be living The Diet Code, and its principles will come naturally to you without a lot of conscious effort on your part. You’ll be at your ideal weight, and you’ll stay there, because once you’ve cracked the code, you’ll never be without the answer.

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