Humans evolved eating the most nutrient dense foods available, and a diet of these foods charges the metabolism. Yet in our contemporary consumer culture, with thousands of selections at hand, the bulk of our modern diet is calorie dense but nutrient sparse. Following The Diet Code is all about resetting our bodies and reconnecting with the satisfaction that comes from being healthy and genuinely well nourished.

What decades of fad diets have ignored is that our bodies need both carbohydrates and fat to work at their peak levels. Carbohydrates are essential for full functioning of both brain and brawn. Ninety percent of the glucose in your body serves the brain, and carbs are the preferred fuel for muscles under exertion. And the right kind of natural fats don’t cause heart disease, or cancer (though the wrong kids – artificially altered – can). Good fats keep your heart working well and your cholesterol levels healthy. The right fats raise your levels of good cholesterol and lower the bad and the total cholesterol levels. They fight inflammation in the arteries, keeping them flexible and reducing blood clots. That is, eating natural fats decreases your risk of heart disease.

The Diet Code program honors the body’s natural wisdom by incorporating a balance of healthy, flavorful foods and showing you how to eat them in the best combinations and in the appropriate amounts. This plan promises to bring back the pleasure of eating instead of making mealtime a part of the day we dread. The Diet Code starts with small, realistic changes you can make today that will lead to a new lifestyle that you can actually maintain now and in the future.

We all know dietary deprivation guarantees the ultimate failure of any way of eating for the simple reason that you won’t stick with your plan. Including a wide range of foods in your diet, especially carbs, as described by The Diet Code will help you avoid that trap and achieve optimum health and natural weight loss.

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