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Dear Woman's World Reader,

The Diet Code by Stephen Lanzalotta is such a wonderful book that we wish we could send copies to everyone who came to the site to register. Unfortunately we already received the 100 entries for a free book advertised in Woman's World. We appreciate your interest in this exciting new way to eat well and live a healthier, more vibrant life.

We hope that if you are tired of fad diets that cut out bread, wine and -heaven forbid, many magnificent carbs- you’ll purchase a copy of The Diet Code and get started on an eating plan that you can live with for the rest of your life. Developed by “The Da Vinci Baker,” this diet is similar to the one that fueled the life of the renaissance genius Leonardo DaVinci and it can work for you!

Check out this web site ( where Stephen Lanzalotta offers solid advice on how to make The Diet Code a part of your life and a chance for you to sample recipes and information – before you buy. You can also learn more this fall when the Stephen Lanzalotta Diet Code Special premieres on a PBS station near you.

Testimonials from real people who followed the Diet Code for Woman’s World

See the May 30, 2006 issue for more!

AnnaMarie lost a dress size!
“When I eat junk food, it sticks to me,” says actress AnnaMarie Lytle, 24. But when she follows The Diet Code? “I lost five pound and a dress size in a week!” The California native says following the plan “was like having my own dietician. I felt so healthy!”

NaKeesha lost 8 lbs!
It might be based on a complicated formula, but this diet “is so easy to follow,” smiles Brooklyn plus-size model NaKeesha Witherspoon, 27. “I’ve never lost weight this fast in my life!” Down eight pounds in a week, she adds: “You even get to eat chocolate!”

Tiffany lost without cravings!
Hoping to slim down quickly before she went wedding gown shopping, Tiffany Noll, 38 tried The Diet Code. She was skeptical – but the Easton, Pennsylvania, sales manager dropped 4.5 pounds in a week! “I had no cravings. It didn’t feel like a diet at all!”

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