The Diet Code offers a more sustainable approach to food and eating pegged not to eliminating any one food group, but to eating for enjoyment and pleasure as much as health and weight. This plan is for anyone who has a passion for excellent food, but who wants to learn how to combine the right foods for health, satisfaction, and weight loss. The Diet Code gives you a plan you can quickly and easily put to work in your own life, in your own kitchen, rediscovering along the way your natural waistline as well as the pure joy of eating for pleasure.

What we all know intuitively is that eating well is a fundamental part of living well. But somehow along the way we’ve lost touch with what eating well really means. In a world full of highly processed junk food everywhere we look, it’s easy to forget that nourishing ourselves is more than just putting calories in our bodies. The most satisfying meals happen when we sit down at the table with friends and family to share a bounty of well-balanced natural whole foods.

Of course, not every meal can last for hours over wine and good conversation, but every meal can feed your body the way it was meant to be – and needs to be – fed for optimum performance. The Diet Code is all about reconnecting with what Leonardo already knew in the 15th century – the best foods prepared in the best way are a critical part of living a healthy life and taking off the extra pounds. Take a minute to start learning about The Diet Code, and you’ll be taking the first step toward making every meal a chance to energize your mind and body.

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